Through art making, I give myself a reason to explore places that inspire me; train yards, abandoned buildings and under bridges. In these desolate and forgotten man-made environments, I search for a visual history of marks left by humankind. There is a story of existence in the layers of graffiti and rust. There is a history of a violent collision in the scars on steel and concrete. Exploring these places triggers in me nostalgia for being young and hungry for new experience. I make art as a record of that feeling, and the places I explore looking for it.

My current work is done on steel, using various printmaking techniques and processes. I love experimenting and I am open to all tools and techniques available to make my work. I love to draw and paint, but I make the majority of my work within the realm of printmaking, though I rarely make paper prints. I have always enjoyed combining print techniques, and I am especially fond of using a hybrid of digital and analog processes. My current work on steel combines digital photography and photo editing with silkscreen and acid etching. The images I use are intentionally created to connect to the medium directly and conceptually. I find it intriguing rendering a looming architectural structure upon the surface of a steel plate, the very material that same structure is made from.

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